A tale of 16

Hello! I would like to start off by saying welcome to my new blog! My previous address was http://thejennybean.blogspot.com/ if you would like to take a look at previous things. I wanted to go with a different look and start over with the blog so this is where I came. I hope you enjoy:)

On to other things..This past weekend I had an awesome opportunity to bake cakes for a wedding here in Nashville. The bride requested a variety of cakes with one mini cake which would be the official wedding cake. After much discussion, we narrowed it down to three types of cake. The bride chose a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, spice cake with cream cheese buttercream, and vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Not too complicated! It was also decided that I would provide 16 cakes! I’ve never made this many cakes at a time so I was full of nerves and wondering if I would even be capable of producing that many in my small apartment.

So, after 5 days and over 43 hours of intense labor…the cakes were completed and delivered with no mess. Let me tell you, the delivery was the part I most dreaded because so much can go wrong. BUT, with the help of my incredible husband Matthew and friends Tiffany, Heather, Katie, Erika, Jeremy, the transit went smoothly and mess free.

I would love to share every aspect of creating these lovely little treats but for now I will share some of the final product.

This is the official wedding cake. The bride decided she would like a 6in vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. She also specified the rosette detail.

Here is a vanilla cake with vanilla bean swiss meringue icing. I will inclue pictures on a different post on how to create this yummy buttercream.

This is the chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Let me tell you, this is my all time favorite buttercream. My my, how yum.

I still cannot believe how great it all came together and I feel extremely blessed to have had so much help. Thank you to everyone who helped, I owe you cake(and so much more.) 🙂


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